Design invoices with Google Docs

Custom PDF invoices

Create beautiful invoices that reflect your corporate design and allow you to promote additional content like usage statistics, new product features or available upgrades.

Custom invoices will be sent to your customers by email whenever an invoice gets paid in your stripe account - and a revised invoice will be sent if you are refunding a payment.

Get started with Google Docs to design your emails and invoice templates with help from our add-ons form Google Docs.

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Pixel-perfect layout with LibreOffice

Unparalleled design capabilities

As we support the same syntax for merge tags, conditions and loops in Google Docs, LibreOffice and MS Word, you can get started with Google Docs and move to LibreOffice once you want to take your layout to the next level.

Pimp your design by using backround images, advanced text rendering and all the good stuff that comes with LibreOffice for free.

Get inspired by great articles on invoice design out there!

Try invoices for stripe with LibreOffice for free →

Powered by Ultradox

It's all yours!

You will get the complete source of the automation and can adjust it to your likings.

Fetch additional data from other services and merge it into your invoices based on conditions.

Update your books whenever an invoice gets paid. By default all invoices and refunds get tracked in a Google Sheet, but it could be anywhere using webhooks, zapier or any of the available integrations.

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How much is it?

Ultradox offers different plans and comes with a free plan that you can use forever!

Each plan comes with a number of credits that will be consumed whenever Ultradox performs tasks for you. The table below gives you an idea of how many invoices you will be able to generate, send and archive on different plans.

Depending on the picked plan and the features that you use in your automation the costs per invoice can be less than 2 cents.

That's not much for a great way to promote additional content and to impress your customers with beautiful invoices matching your corporate deisgn.

See all available plans →
  • Free Plan
  • Free forever!
  • 1500 Credits
  • = 60 invoices / month *
  • Small
  • $29 / month
  • 5000 Credits
  • = 200 invoices / month
  • Medium
  • $49 / month
  • 10000 Credits
  • = 400 invoices / month
  • Large
  • $99 / month
  • 25000 Credits
  • = 1000 invoices / month

Seamless integration

Your generated PDF invoices will be stored on Google Drive so you can take advantage of the full-text search capabilities to track down and send lost invoices to your customers with a single click.

You can also open the linked PDF invoice right from each invoice in the stripe dashboard.

Open your customized automation right from Google Drive by clicking on the red Ultradox file.

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